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The Total Awakening Meal and Body Plan

The Total Awakening Meal and Body Plan

The Total Awakening Meal and Body Plan

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The Total Awakening Meal and Body Plan Ebook has culinary and fitness goodness. 1. Five meal plan that includes: four breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks ( “eighty” meal/snack ideas). 2. Five exercise plan that includes: 12-15 exercises that require 2-3 things (pictures included). With so many people incorporating more meat-free meals into their diet, the question is asked weekly for meal ideas. Additionally, many inquire about exercises they can do on the go, and that requires minimal equipment. Both are needed to thrive optimally; hence, the birth of this Ebook by a Certified Personal Trainer and Vegan Fitness Chef that has kept off 90 lbs for 12 years.

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This is the food that turned me vegan! Shonda knows how to make delicious healthy vegan food. She is inspirational in every way. Her meal prep and classes are top notch. Don’t miss out! 

Allie Chudoba

I’ve been ordering weekly meals as well as juices. The food is amazingly delicious as well as flavorful! Shonda’s customer service is superb! She really cares about her clients. You won’t be disappointed!

Tonya Mangum

Shonda’s meals are some of the best food I have ever eaten, and hands down THE best Vegan cuisine I have ever tried. Shonda made a believer out of me from day 1- I never really thought that Vegan food could/would actually taste good. Not only is her food amazing, but her passion for health, fitness and self-care shines through in everything she does. Shonda is a no-nonsense go-getter with an absolute heart of gold that really and truly cares about people. She puts all of this positive energy into her food that is made with love. As u can see, I’m a pretty big fan.

Joseph Benjamin

I’ve had the pleasure of eating Shonda’s prepared vegan meals. Being a person that eats meat I can say that I was very satisfied with the vegan meals. Shonda is very creative when it comes to her food creations. I most definitely recommend EBN’s Vegan Cuisine. 

Chantal Slaughter

I most definitely recommend EBN’s Vegan Cuisine. Shonda has supported our family with amazing vegan selections. Her island roots and amazing spirit pair well to produce delicious and unique dishes you won’t get anywhere else! 

Jenifer Pascal Abubakari

Delicious food, timely and friendly delivery, affordable prices. Whether you are vegan or not – there is something on the menu for you!! 

Nicole Benford

>Authentic, nutritious, and delicious! EBN’s vegan cuisine is a must for meal prep, fresh and organic juice, and meal plans. You will not be disappointed with EBN and Shonda Caines. She has the ability to feed into your spirit! 

Kay Scott Shabazz